Skin, Serums and Sleep.

If my passport or car miles travelled is anything to go by, then you might notice an obvious pattern of copious amounts of intercity travelling and catching flights more often than my own breath. I, admittedly, have yet to figure out a good balance in my workouts, diet and packing efficiently. But, in a bid for glowing skin I have a seriously lengthy skin care regimen. I care about my skin and sometimes I find myself in an embarrassing debacle if I don’t give my face proper love everyday. Call it vain, but I much prefer when my skin is retaining moisture than cracking incessantly.

Which has undeniably been my current situation. Processed with VSCO with m4 preset

While the cold winters may amount to a small percentage – December 2017 has been a rollercoaster of a month with the usual 3-4 weddings this season and my family visiting – it was nothing short of an extended 30 days party; cocktails by the hour and wine unlimited. I often went to bed with mascara from an evening of reckless fun and woke up with minutes to spare so a quick face wash and a slap of moisturizer had to do. Not to mention, the amount of carbs I was indulging in.

My body rejected this immediately and soon enough it caught up with a huge f*ck you sign in the forms of textures and acne. I can’t say I was really surprised but in hindsight I should have focused on a fitting routine. I might not be attending events and partying wittingly but I know that my work schedule will be tighter than ever. This year is packed with 3 different types of projects which means 3x the meetings and 3x the events. I need to make sure I have a full-proof practice in place. And if every skincare guru knows it takes effort to look effortlessly perfect and that wholly constitutes to me taking care of my skin. 

This year I am confident with what I have planned. Processed with VSCO with m4 preset

So if you’re rowing the same boat or just looking for a change, maybe this can help you. I have very dry skin so a lot of the products I use, mostly accommodate to my skin type.

In the mornings, I wipe my face with a clean muslin cloth dampened in ice-cold water. This acts as a refresher and also aids in tightening your skin. Not long after a cup of tea, I jump into the shower and scrub my face with a light hand and follow with a cleaning foam. Just before I dip into my make up, I prep my skin with a good quality serum and an antioxidant oil. While that settles I warm a bit of moisturizer and eye cream and start with the edges of my face and slowly work in towards my T-zone. I finish my skin care routine with a 45+ SPF. If anything, SPF is the most important step for me because the sun is India is scorching hot.


In the evenings, I engage in a more extensive routine. I first use a cleansing wipe to remove the excess of my make up. I then focus on using coconut oil to melt any remaining make up around my eyes and lips. When I notice the oil settle into my skin, I make sure to wash my face two times to really maintain that squeaky clean face. Sure enough, this downright dries my skin up. Step 2 is where I bring back all of my moisture. I use 2 different types of serum; one to keep my acne and pigmentation at bay and the second to keep my skin supple overnight. I find that mixing serum is the best thing to do as it make sure your targeting what needs to be done in an instant rather than alternating each day. Then, I follow suit with a spot treatment product (if need be) a mask-like moisturizer to have it skin into my skin overnight. There is nothing worse than parched skin in the mornings. I then apply a generous amount of eye cream (secret: I apply this one my neck and my smile lines as well) then end the night with a light press of antioxidant facial oil for added moisture.

Once or twice a week – I apply one of Laneige’s face masks and alternate nights I focus on apply a scrub mask depending on how my skin is presenting itself that day. Course, it is common logic to have litres of water and adequate amount of sleep in assistance. More on this later though. 

List of products shown: Trilogy – Certified Organic Rosehip OilClinique – Super City Block, Chanel – Hydra Beauty Creme, Glossier – The Super Pack, Embryolisse – Lait Creme ConcentrateDior – Deep Hydration Sorbet Water Essence, Fresh – Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream.

List of products I also use in daily rotation: Kiehl’s – Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate, Midnight Recovery Concentrate, Nightly-Refining Micro Peel Concentrate, Sunday Riley – Luna Sleeping Night Oil, Bobbi Brown – Extra Repair Moisture Cream, Dior Prestige – Le Nectar, Le Crème, Le Grande Masque, Dior Hydra Life – Pores Away – Pink Clay Mask, Charlotte Tilbury – Magic Cream, Magic Night Cream, Laneige – Water bank Soothing Facial Mask and Fresh.Deep Water Hydration Facial Toner. 

The End.



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